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Here at Hana International Logistics, our main objective is to dispatch shipments via asset based carriers such as ships, airplanes or trucks to designated destination swiftly, securely, and timely.  With the expertise to arrange all the activities related to the international shipping process, Hana will provide our clients excellent customer support and work with our overseas agents to transport their cargo as smoothly as possible.  


Our services are typically used by companies that deal with international import and export activities.  Hana International Logistics is FMC licensed and bonded ocean freight forwarder which acts as a professional intermediary between the client and the transportation services.  Shipping various products between countries and territories usually involves a multitude of carriers and legal documentation.  We provide the service of handling our clients' cargo with necessary legal documentation in the intricate process of logistics, securely and quickly.  Major companies and corporations greatly depend on our professional services in their import and export activities.


Turning to the services of Hana Logistics, you can be certain that your products will arrive at the specified destination in good condition and timely manner.  These days, it’s virtually impossible for a company to ship goods at an adequate price without a forwarder.  Hana Logistics have an established long-term relationship with carriers of all kinds and will obtain the best deals in the least amount of time.  We will negotiate the most advantageous price possible with a reliable carrier and help you make hassle-free transactions worldwide.


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